Why Hello there!

The Face was a nickname bestowed me when I was little, given kindly to me by my parents as a result of the many ridiculous faces I used to pull.  This habit has in fact never left me, and I find the motivation behind these forms of expression to me represent the extraordinary, wild and wonderful world I find myself living in.  I am amazed every single day, I laugh every single day, I get mad.. real mad.. every single day.  The beauty and wonder, the pain and the sorrow, the intriguing and the downright stupid, I love it all and enjoy finding the funny side to every tiny piece of life I live.  I enjoy it so much in fact, I couldn’t possibly keep it all inside anymore as it was starting to leak out of my seams!  So here I go! Weeeeeeeeeeee



One thought on “Why Hello there!

  1. John shergold says:

    WeI love your writings Kendra. You have such an awareness of life and the skill to place it in print. Thankyou.
    We look forward to future writings.


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